Our research strategy is based on FAPISA producing short research outputs summarising painstaking research to be put up once a month beginning in the month of September 2018.

The topics covered include…:

…and we have sub-topics on areas such as:

  • South African security policy;
  • South African economic diplomacy;
  • South African migration policy;
  • Provincial (sub-national) foreign and economic policies;
  • South Africa’s African policy;
  • International Relations education in South Africa.

In line with this, below is a select list of the research papers that our Research Associates are currently working on:

  • BRIC-Country Investment in the JSE, 2010-2018;
  • COSATU and South African Foreign policy: Issues and Outcomes;
  • The MTN Group’s Expansion into Africa: Technology Transfers and Foreign Policy Levers;
  • China and the South African Land Reform Question;
  • South Africa-Nigeria Cyber-Security Strategies in Comparative Perspective;
  • An Analysis of AGOA-South Africa Outcomes in the Automobiles Sector, 2012-2016;
  •  Gulf Cooperation Council and SADC: A Comparative Analysis: Markets, Integration and Political Economy;
  • Ease-of-doing Business Scores and FDI influx: A Southern African Horizontal Case Studies, 2010-2018;
  • South African Local Governance, Trade, and Foreign Policy;
  • International Relations Curriculum in Six South African Universities: A Comparative Analysis;
  • South Africa-South Korea Trade Relations: Dynamics and Prospects;
  • Singapore-South Africa Trade Relations and the Eastward Turn: Missed Opportunities and Prospects;
  • Modelling South African Foreign Policy: A Rational Choice-Neural Network Approach.

These undergo peer-review (by at least two independent scholars/experts) and will be subsequently published individually in a period of ten months (June 2019 to April 2020).


The Foreign Affairs and Policy Institute of South Africa welcomes unsolicited submissions of a brief but well-articulated and objective manner from a variety of perspectives and methodologies. To be considered, please email a manuscript of about 2,500-3,500 words to

The content you send to us for consideration should focus on national, continental and global strategic changes and developments and their domestic and foreign policy implications for South Africa, targeting an audience of foreign affairs generalists, by providing clear analytical assessments that generate policy predictions and/or recommendations for the foreseeable future. Your manuscript should come to about 2,500-3,500 words, written in an accessible style, and capable of reaching an audience of informed international affairs generalists, while also providing enough background to capture and interest international affairs novices.

Submission Guidelines

Your manuscript should be neatly typed, double-spaced, and maintain 1-inch margins. Please feature the author(s)’s name(s), a working provisional title for your paper, and an abstract on the top of the first page, including endnotes where applicable. All referencing should adhere to the Chicago Manual Referencing Style (accessible here).