October 2018

Volume 1, Issue 2: ‘South Africa-AGOA trade outcomes: the case of automobiles, 2012-2017‘ by M. Hollington (Wits University)

September 2018

Volume 1, Issue 1:A Proxy for Intra-Alliance Economic Confidence: Private Sector BRIC Shareholding in Johannesburg Stock Exchange-Listed Companies, 2010-2018‘ by B. Ndzendze (University of Johannesburg)

Upcoming Publications:

June 2019

‘China and the South African Land Reform Question’ by FAPISA

July 2019

‘South Africa-Nigeria Cyber-security Strategies in Comparative Perspective’ by Jason Kimpt

August 2019

‘Singapore-South Africa Trade Relations and the Eastward Turn: Missed Opportunities and Prospects’ by FAPISA

September 2019

‘FAPISA Study: International Relations Curriculum in Six South African Universities: A Comparative Analysis’ by FAPISA