About Us

5 things to know about FAPISA

1. The Foreign Affairs and Policy Institute of South Africa (FAPISA) was established in August 2018 as a research and consultancy organisation specialising in SA’s foreign and domestic policies and the layered interactions between the two;

2. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, it has a uniquely South African, public-private outlook and mandate which informs its research — check out our South African economic indicators¬†here;

3. While FAPISA’s work targets South African foreign policy scholars and specialists, it is also relevant to international relations generalists and novices — check out our recent and upcoming Publications here, as well as a set of Resources here;

4. FAPISA believes in original, independent analysis based on a rigorous and transparent methodology;

5. FAPISA’s diverse set of partners include think tanks, centers of international law, and university departments, as well as a loose network of Research Associates affiliated with us.