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FAPISA is a research organisation dedicated to unpacking the workings and interaction within the international affairs  as well as foreign and domestic policies of South Africa.

Most Recent Publications


Does sunny South African really have an ideal climate for  tourism? by Jennifer Fitchett and Gijsbert Hoogendoor 

 31 Oct. 2018



Does  South Africa need its own export-import bank?  by Cyril Prinsloo, Palesa Shipalana, Zinhle Ngidi

27 Oct.  2018


A Proxy for Intra-Alliance Economic Confidence: Private Sector BRIC Shareholding in Johannesburg Stock Exchange-Listed Companies, 2010-2018 by Bhaso Ndzendze                           

22 Sep. 2018

South Africa at the UN Security Council in 2019/20: What’s Different This Time? by  Itumeleng Makgetla 

18 Sep. 2018